Friday, 14 May 2010

Unintended Revenue Streams

I was reviewing 2010 figures this week and we seemed to have made done a lot of work in LinkedIn Consultancy this year so far. I am of course aware that we are out there helping our clients use the power of Linkedin but had not comprehended how much of a rev stream it had become. and you know what - i am actually a little uncomfortable with some of the work we have doen/are doing. I am not getting all precious about it - its just that our most popular service in this area is helping recruiters upload their profiles effectively, populate it well and show them how to network, join/set up forums and search for users.
Now the fact is much of this is freely available ( even we do downloadable 1 pagers on it) and ultimately - some of the work becomes sitting with someone while they upload their CV - which i am not sure ever appeared in the OME business plan.
Anyway i will shut up now and find some other new and welcome revenue streams