Wednesday, 27 July 2016

First Half 2016 - Quick review

so off next week - and perfect time to quickly check back on what has happened for OME first part of 2016

- it was a very good business performance - we grew again last year (that's every year of our 10 year life) - each year we think is there anyway of outperforming the previous and so far we have done (obvs that I guess will stop at some point - but not next year I hope)
- new clients include - TUI, McDonalds, Virgin Media, TMF Group, Avis, Bidvest, Gaucho, National Autistic Society, Avenues and more. 1 or 2 clients moved on but we don't talk about them - do we?
- Job Boards still provide a huge revenue stream for the business but LinkedIn is by far and away our biggest supplier - and the channels that showed most growth were Programmatics, Aggregators and Social (inc sites like Glassdoor)
- New staff (seeking an account manager right now - please apply) included Alexsia, Olly, Anna and Rosie. Who are all rather wonderful (or we don't know their dark side yet!)
- Development - we have made concerted effort to build peoples roles and challenge them further. Chloe Lovick joined the Mgmt team as Head of Media and other promotions followed
- feel that Kork and Jamie are fully part of all of our major decision making process - cant think of many decisiosn that Sean and I would take apart from them (maybe apart from their ££££)
- God knows Brexit will bring - but things seem fine (ish) so lets just crack on and see what happens

And on a positive note - I don't think I have enjoyed my job as much as I have these last few months and not quite sure why - but will take that!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


We have employed recently a placement student from May to October and I wanted to defend the work ethics of that generation (they are much maligned sometimes by me)
- amazing attitude to work
- always on time despite late nights
- helpful and positive to colleagues, clients and suppliers

now the kicker maybe is - we pay this person a proper decent salary not "unpaid intern" or "work experience" so maybe that mat affect things!