Tuesday, 19 July 2011

OME's Hospital Club

We launched and run a networking event - OME Hospital Club. It was the brainchild of Kork (OME Client Services Director) and Gill Davies a former client. Its a LinkedIn group that meets once a quarter in the Hospital Club - hence the name.

I was initially worried that it would not take off - that people would get wrong idea that we were trying to be a kind of smaller version of The Firm but it has really flown.(with very little input from me!)

The rules are very simple
- attendees are in house recruiters but its not that tightly "policed" - we are a friendly bunch
- networking not selling (even from us)
- a small amount of content - but no presentations
- you can come and say Hi for 10 mins or be kicked out of the bar last (i will name no names)
- we get a sponsor (Monster and Creativepool so far) to network and inform the group of their offer. Both sponsors have been really well received by attendees.

Feedback has been tremendous and the 3rd event in september will we hope be the best yet and i guess what i am saying is the best things for your business can sometimes start with a 30 second conversation that is followed through and executed brilliantly. Dont wait for a genius inspirational idea to come calling.