Monday, 27 June 2016

Brexit and OME

So much in common with vast majority of business community - I voted to Remain last Thursday and clearly don't feel great about the decision the country took but now need to focus on making the best of it.

My last comment on the issue (not that fond of the echo chamber of social media where you find lots of people who agree with you and are encouraged to sign meaningless petitions) is that Brexit for increased sovereignty and political separation from EU was a subtle and even justifiable choice - however - they could not win on that basis so a bunch of rich white men sold the lie to the poorly paid, poorly educated and old people that Brexit meant an end to immigration and their lives would improve subsequently and a huge amount of money would now be diverted to NHS - this unravelled within 24 hours of victory.

There is an argument for Britain outside of EU but the above isn't it.

Ideally from here - we end up with free trade (and it seems compulsorily free movement of labour) which will mean business will be OK - but the anger of the people who wont "get their country back" could poison the well of political life/society for many years to come.

So - work harder - be smarter - deliver great service and value and.......hope for the best!