Friday, 19 October 2012

Happy Thoughts

OK - so here goes and with the stuff below this - i could easily be making a fool of myself. But ultimately - i think just possibly - just maybe - that things economically are getting better. 

I have two thought patterns as to why this could be the case

1. Stuff We Know

  •  House prices up
  •  Unemployment down
  •  Euro crisis possibly worst could be over
  •  Tad more confidence out there
  •  New Client and Campaign requests significantly up at OME towers

2. Stuff I Feel
  • It just seems more positive out there - can i define that? nope
  • We have bumped along at this level for ages - markets always bounce back - don't they?
  • Recruitment is an early indicator - and again there are bumps and nods that the beast is beginning to re-awaken
  • I just want the above to be true - so wishful thinking maybe playing a part
So buy stocks, sell long, buy a house, start a business, take that new job, buy sterling and do whatever you do with derivatives, swaps, hedging and leveraging things.

* for those followers of my financial advice (currently a group consisting of zero members) it is important to note that investments can go down as well as up and that in fact overall on balance they are much more likely to go down.