Friday, 19 June 2009

Jobsite's Twitter App

Praise to the marketing team at Jobsite (with some technical support!) for their entry onto the Twitter platform - Why do i think its good?
  • Its clever
  • Its logical
  • It is not pretending to be something - its not. Its just fast neat realtime way of delivering jobs - like a souped up jobs by email
  • Its innovative
  • they appear to have got it done pretty quickly and will no doubt learn how to improve and enhance it in future

Clearly the job matching technology to the your Twitter profile is flawed and is not going to deliver perfect (indeed anywhere near perfect) jobs but its a start - and i think its a pretty darn good start!

Monday, 15 June 2009

International Media Planning and Buying

This part of our business has grown every year since launch and its one of those rare things that is actually much easier than clients think (we even tell them this!) - Why is this the case? (Warning - i am about to make some wild generalisations but basic principle does apply)
1. UK digital marketplace is about 10 times more complex than virtually any other territory we book in. More sites more sectors - no other country has about 15 sites claiming to be the nation's leading IT Job board for instance
2. In other territories the general boards (Monster/Stepstone/Seek/Careerbuilder etc) are much more dominant over the vertical players than the UK
3. With all tracking and tagging done correctly - you have confidence that the campaign is set up and is running as it should be consistently across all territories (in olden times - there was always a fear of whether adverts ever appeared)
4. Time differences are no longer much of a problem - as people work more flexibly and can email acknowledge react at times above and beyond 930-530 local time.

Anyway an example of one of those things in life that is getting easier not harder