Friday, 6 July 2012

Content over Style

I have had a week of presentations and feel a little bored by the sound of my own voice and the relentless self promotion unsubtly disguised in presenting research, trends and case studies (and yes i am aware of the irony that i am writing a broadcast blog post bemoaning that i have been talking too much about OME).

Last month - i overhauled the content and how we present and sexed it up a bit - i felt happier with what we had created, all good yes?.....

Nope - all the consequent feedback though quite positive is that people want the info displayed in a clear structured way (that they can quote, re-use....copy and paste) and also not to go too bleeding edge with examples and advice.

Organisations want to know what they can do practically and what they can get done in no longer than the medium term (define - medium term?? i think it is a time period that covers when the decision maker is likely to still be in the job)

So this week - it was back to clear directional advice (not you could do this or you could do that or that etc), how to kick it off, resources required and how to avoid it all going wrong.

Feedback much much better

Lesson of the Week
Don't get too clever and forget its about what your clients want not what you want to give them

Now all i need is for someone to remind me of this, say maybe every hour.