Monday, 9 January 2017


so I returned today "late" for 2017 - and would heartily recommend skipping that first week if finances and holiday entitlement allow it. But wanted to note a real positive - I don't think we have EVER had as much activity (campaigns, proposals, new business enquiries) before so early in the year

1. we are brilliant and our clients love us......hmmmmmm.....I wish that were always true - lets call it a supporting factor

2. people did not get around to doing the stuff in dec 2016 they needed to and need to get things moving ASAP - definitely another supporting factor

3. Things are pretty healthy out there economically - maybe that's just recruitment(always a decent reflection of general economic wellbeing though...)but talking to other similar businesses - we are not alone in a fast start to the year.

lets hope it stays that way after Article 50/Trump/Italian banking crisis/interest rates....Eurovision Song Contest (ok - I ran out of stuff)