Tuesday, 19 April 2011

We lost a client...

a week or so ago - won't bore people with the details - but in brief - they are reorganising, centralising mktg function, still working with us in specialist digital areas blah, blah, blah

But i have to face facts..... it stings.

They don't love OME any more, hang on they don't love me anymore. What is wrong with me, i tried so hard. I should have cared more or i should have not been so clingy. Maybe if i said i would change they would come back.

Sad as it sounds - i went through all of the above (for about a day while sulking) till my wife (and my fellow directors) told me to man up and concentrate on fact that the business is 60% up year on year and we have just taken 3 new clients on. (can you see how i ever so non subtly turned an apparently negative and and painfully honest piece about bad news into a puff piece about how well OME is doing - sorry - i cant help it)

But it did get me thinking is my teenage attitude to winning and losing in business a problem or is the fact i take it all so bloody personally part of the success. I am sticking to the latter for the very good reason that i very much doubt i will change much now.