Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Feb 2016 - What keeps me awake at night

so business is good, clients seem happy, staff are not revolting (cue gag) - so what keeps me awake (in purely OME terms not like real life stuff)

1. We are not new, we are not small - so how do we keep our position mid-long term as a dynamic, nimble, innovative business (not the place to share the solution - but we have a plan that we have been rolling out over last 12 months)

2. Staff and client retention still excellent - so how do we prevent the people and the relationships going a tiny bit stale. Its connected to point 1 clearly. We are trying to shake things up for people with their career development and responsibilities while seamlessly changing our offering to clients so that hopefully they get the continuity they appear to value while challenging them to look at new solutions and different approaches. This sounds great as a sentence above - it is harder to actually do.....

3. Tectonic plates of candidate attraction are shifting again - Programmatic is growing very very fast for us - which is probably good but how does that impact on job boards, PPC, LinkedIn. I feel pretty warm and comfortable about this as we have always been media and platform neutral - but we have to be the EXPERTS (clue is in the original name of the business)

4. China economy going down the pan, Energy/Oil prices at rock bottom levels, stock markets plummeting - next recession/depression imminent......happily we can do absolute zip about this so lets just ignore and concentrate on controlling the controllables!

time for a nap......