Tuesday, 23 April 2013

OME Update

So whats new.....
1. Excellent first quarter in terms of billings (+22% year on year). I sometimes wonder what it would be like to run a recruitment focussed business in a healthy economy - be great wouldn't it! We all accepted some time ago that this is now the norm and you can succeed perfectly well in a triple dip blah blah but you probably have to try even harder.

2. New clients include Cisco, Cap Gemini, Ricoh and Giraffe. Tech has become our second biggest sector after retail. I wish i could tell people there was a strategy but it sort of grows organically (in a good way i think). Still if any very large financial institution wants someone to sort out their candidate attraction, engagement and associated issues, our doors are open.

3. Expanded team and have recruited Heather Brand-Williamson to further bolster account management structure. At same time promoted Stephen Oliver to Head of Account Management - his job is to make sure as we have grown that we maintain and improve our service standards. Without getting too precious - this is the thing that stresses me more than any other thing - how to maintain the energy, attitude and enhusiasm that we had as a new biz when we are 7 years old and £6m+ turnover business. Answer has to be good people and treat them right (so we have half of that covered.....)

4. New office - and refurb of all our kit. This is incredibly exciting and important for the OME staff (currently located in a bunker somewhere in N1) but very dull for anyone else - so no other comment.

5. And only 5 months and counting till the first (and may well be the last) OME wedding - Kork and Bethan tie the knot in September. I need to buy a hat....