Friday, 4 November 2016

Full Service???

Back in the day - clients would expect and want their agency to be "full service" - so any and all things related to recruitment marketing/adverts/research etc - came through one place/one account manager - that just doesn't exist anymore (I think for the better!)

We are, I guess, nominally full service (print, outdoor, design and build, social, mobile etc) as well as our core digital offering but in the last two weeks I have done the following co-operative work (Lord knows what else the team have been up to)

- Partnered with a great employer brand agency on a large tender
- been engaged to run a creative pitch process for a client
- Have supported a client's huge Future Talent project with a very cool Youth Marketing Agency
- outsourced a research project investigating the world of the quantum
- spoken at an event about talking to Millenials
- Inputted into the build of a CMS with a very clever tech organisation
- Co-organised a media day in USA with a partner agency based in Chicago

Don't worry - we still did a bunch of media planning and buying too - but what an agency does is now so different and I think the model of working is far, far superior