Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Road to Mobile Damascus

Its not a particular radical thing to say and Matt said it better than i could the other day but i have shifted firmly from the agnostic mobile recruitment camp (lets wait and see - there are so many bigger priorities than mobile - perfect products don't exist) to full on evangelist and convert.
What do i mean in terms of sorting your mobile rec strategy out though (and what don't i mean)
What do i mean?
1. How mobile friendly is your careers site? try it yourself - your users will be. If its crap - sort it as top priority (approx 20% of jobseeker traffic is mobile - various sources)
2. Can you apply easily online (almost certainly not) - you are not alone but put some pressure on your ATS supplier (or add it to spec of next ATS) - you can gain real tangible competitive advantage if you can get ahead here
3. How does your content/copy appear on the media you are using on a mobile device (it is likely if your content is flawed online - it is deeply flawed on a mobile device)
4. is an app right for you? this is a whole bigger topic but at least have the discussion
5. Have an eye on the future - it is clear which way this is going and how your users want to interact with you over next few years - have a plan and begin to explore/pilot/trial and learn.

What dont i mean?

1. Spend a fortune on a mobile ad campaign. It still does not quite work in terms of push marketing (in my view)
2. Don't be bleeding edge. You can be innovative without going too bold.

This is the end of the evangelist's sermon