Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Google for Jobs

So I wanted to summarise the industry's latest thoughts on the launch of Google for jobs.

Its either

1. seismic - will sweep Indeed, all aggregators and of course all job boards away

2. inconsequential - never going to really happen - everything will stay the same as Google's heart isn't really in it

and the rather boring OME view is that the truth lies somewhere in the middle

- the aggregator model is incredibly easy to replicate, beat, destroy by Google
- but there are some mature brands amongst the candidate community that will ensure traffic, response etc
- will Google really push this aggressively or let it happen in a slower more organic (proper definition)way
- things will probably get even more complex and messy before they get simpler

less impact than you think short term - more impact than you think long term

good night!