Friday, 29 June 2012

Mind the Gap

so this is the longest gap between blogs since i started - which is remiss of me- so here is what has been happening
- i went on holiday
- i did jury service (turned down big murder trial due to lasting 6 weeks, sat on jury for an hour, sat around and then went home just about covers the 2 weeks)
- both of these events caused grumblings from my fellow OME'ers as we are very very busy
- i have written and delivered 2012 version of trends in recruitment marketing and digital stuff (i think it needs a better title)
- new clients include AndrewDKelly (exec search), St Helena Government (remote island in South Atlantic), Social Workline (new appraoch to social care recruitment)
- new staff member Penny Howson has come on board
- we held our 4th Hospital Club event (networking group spawned out of LinkedIn)

and that is about it