Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Blog Changes

So you're going to see some changes to OME website in next few weeks and as such - we are going to change how we put out news and views from OME corner.
What are those changes going to be in relation to this blog?

1. video not text - short messages - rather than the odd essay once or twice a month

2. less dominated by yours truly - the objective of this sort of content has always been to give a flavour of life at OME - and hearing exclusively from me just isn't a reflection of the work that goes on here

3. want to have some guests from our clients, suppliers and partners - how many we get will depend on their willingness of course

4. frequency - would like to have some content twice a month - lets see how we do

I guess i'd better get a haircut and lose a bit of the extra timber from Xmas if i'm going to be on camera......