Wednesday, 19 April 2017


So wanted to write a formal round up of OME news

1. New staff for 2017 - Sadie Beckwith and Arti Odedra joined to expand the team. Both are extremely good account executives who have joined us (so they told me in the interview) to kick on in their careers and build close client relationships and develop new opportunities for OME. They have both fitted in great and have done/are doing some great work.

2. Alexsia has taken on the exciting project of our website/social media presence/content marketing. So I can blame someone other than myself when news has not been updated as frequently as we would like.

3. Welcome to new clients include the lovely people at TUI, Café Nero, The Limewood Group, Pandora, Bink, Becton Dickinson and The Perfume Shop. Once Alexsia has finished the OME content update - you can find out what the work is we are doing for these people.

Lovely and busy - so definitely on the hunt for a new account manager if anyone if up for that challenge!

In 2 weeks time OME will be 11 years old - blimey where did that go??????