Monday, 30 September 2013

"so you save us loads of money on our media - do you do anything else?"

this is a direct quote to me from one of our clients last week - and yes it is a compliment, we had saved them an absolute fortune having recently taken on the account but behind my grateful smile - I was simultaneously thinking we do soooooo much more than the original model of being the best digital media planning/buying/optimising/campaign mgmt business in the universe. And in a thinly veiled act of self promotion - I have listed a few things below that we had live/made happen in September

- designed/produced Flashmob in Sheffield for viral video for major retailer

- Content strategy for social media programme for tech client

- Bought, designed and launched 3 separate LinkedIn Careers Channels

- new Pan European PPC campaign including 2nd tier territories such as Rumania, Bulgaria, Serbia

- Created 2 different apps for games for on campus for graduate recruitment season

- Comparative piece of research into Employee Benefits in retail sector

- Salary benchmarking research for Aberdeen/Inverness

- Website launches included new product to hit the franchising market and a mobile site

- Press adverts in Sunday Times, Economist, FT (which still feels a bit weird)

and more stuff too if I thought long enough. But just to be clear we did plan and buy a shedload of digital media at best market rates for our clients.