Thursday, 21 December 2017

The Last Rites of 2017

So I think I will make this my final work related act of the year (some winter sun is calling me........)
No predictions for 2018 (my view can best be summarised as "God Knows") but may be it's time for a little reflection on how the year has been for the industry and OME.

1. We have had a very successful year but feel we've had to work harder than ever before - (apologies if next bit is a tad salesy) but we've had to deliver higher quality service to clients, work more productively with suppliers and partners and nurture/develop our staff better.

The recruitment economy has been good - but we all have to deliver more for less or much better for the same in many areas. The new budgets have very fixed objectives and we (client/us/suppliers) need to hit those objectives and this can only be done with smart thinking and great teamwork.

2. Everything single things is measured in 2017 but I think the currency, the value, the difference is in the very HUMAN interpretation of the huge amount of data we gather. Analytics are useless without the proper review when you then enhance what you are doing next - and we have seen some huge improvements in campaign performance from this expert analysis - more of this next year please!

3. Don't think i've ever enjoyed my time at OME than this year - I like the people I work with (most of the time) and I like (most!) of our clients/suppliers - that's got to be a great thing hasn't it! having said all that - I am now done and really don't feel like lifting a (work) finger for a couple of weeks.

So finally - just want to genuinely thank all the OME folk so much for their work this year - but don't forget its still time to crank out some more proposals - its only 21st December!