Monday, 4 September 2017


- kids going back to school
- leaves falling from trees
- thinking about putting the heating on

and for a recruitment business like OME entering probably the busiest time of the year. The advent of digital has not really affected the very seasonal nature of the recruitment cycle and with future/early talent campaigns becoming bigger each year and kicking off imminently - its going to be a busy time.

We are also taking on the following stuff in house
- ramping up our events and breakfast briefings
- Alexsia has taken on a condensed, cleaner, more beautiful OME website - the brief of which was to tell people what we do and who we do it for in as few words as possible
- launching new partnerships (I love finding a like minded business or person and working out how we can help each other)

all at the same time as servicing outr clients brilliantly and adding some new organisations to the (still) expanding client list

better crack on