Monday, 23 March 2015

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to Dom’s blog

Well when I retired my blog in April last year – I did not imagine it would only be dormant for about 11 months. So why are we re-launching

1. By popular demand of course. I have received 2 messages literally been flooded with requests to bring it back. It would be wrong of me not to give the people (my mum and auntie Pam) what they want.

2. We are doing something different – so interspersed with my comments on what is going on “out there” in recruitment marketing, candidate attraction, rec technology – will be other stuff. Such as -

3. Vlogging where appropriate (and probably when inappropriate too) we will be uploading some short clips of think pieces, events, comments

4. An insight into the wider OME – when I started the original blog we were a young, start-up with 4 staff – we now employ nearly 20 people and one of the biggest buyers of recruitment media in the UK – this vlog/insight/news section should reflect the many different voices that make up OME now.

5. Create an opportunity for suppliers/partners/clients to have some interactivity/conversations or just post abusive comments

Anyway – hope you find it useful and just for clarification and an amended legal disclaimer - The opinions expressed herein are mine alone but probably also do represent the opinions of most other people at OME too