Friday, 10 March 2017

What's Occurring March 2017

Don't think I've known it quite as busy in OME HQ as Q1 2017 - which makes me think the following

- very pleased we staffed up last year and absolutely delighted many of the team have developed so fast and have welcomed the extra work and challenges
- that clients are asking such different (and correct) questions about resource plans and how to maximise impact of their brands in candidate attraction compared to 3 or 4 years ago
- that you cant really afford to navel gaze and contemplate impact of Brexit, Trump, Hurricane Doris, new series of Game of just have to affect the things you can affect and get on with it
- that I assume this activity is hitting OME bottom line.....Champagne!!..... or maybe Prosecco!!........if not then Diamond White!! as usual......

just writing a more formal update on clients and staff and market - will post next week