Thursday, 9 July 2015

New OME Home

So this week, we left the where we have been for 9!! years - where did that time go??. It felt vaguely emotional to leave (not that emotional - no tears were shed)

But everyone has had a lovely lift with the new office environment - its great because of

1. its light and bright (like your house - dark and gloomy will never be one's preference
2. Everything is shiny and new - desks, floors, IT kit (I wont mention the relocation budget - which was blown)
3. Outside access - lovely roof terrace for lunch, post work drinks, a break from your colleagues ( I am not sure this will be quite so attractive in February)
4. Other people - we share the building with 3 or 4 other businesses - who are all in creative digital industry - so we don't have to talk to the same old faces we share an office with for the last x years
5. Lovely board rooms and meeting rooms for clients, suppliers and partners

So - everyone buzzing, productivity going through the roof, happy staff

I predict this uplift will last a long time - at least until next Tuesday anyway - when I will get the first comment that "its not the same as the good old days in the old office"