Thursday, 2 August 2018

Working at OME

So Alexsia came up with the sensible suggestion that, as we are on a recruiting drive at moment, I may want to write about what's its like working at OME - blimey this is like proper Content Marketing! One of the team did comment: "what would Dom bloody know about working at OME?"* but they now will be no longer be working with us much longer so lets move along.

* they didn't use the word "bloody"

If you want to know more detail (about the work and clients) you can look at adverts or our website - however this is my extremely biased view of why OME is a pretty cool place to make a career.

We have a spookily amazing record of retaining staff and clients; this is one of the things I'm most proud of. It indicates that we supply a very good service, treat our staff well and develop them - and lets be clear, there is a clear link between retaining staff and clients.

We've been going for over 11 years and in 10 of those years we've grown significantly year on year. Now that's great for our revenues and indeed margins, but from an employee perspective: growth means you have new clients, new challenges and the ability to fast track your career (if you want to move at that pace).

We value having as good a relationship with suppliers and partners as we do with clients. Great media campaigns are truly built around a network of like-minded people trying to get things right and being skilled enough to make sure we do get it right nearly always...

"Nearly always" is a key phrase - none of us is perfect.

We (clients, staff, and I included) all make mistakes - at OME we won't hang you out to dry and single you out. But we do expect you to take control of the situation and work with your team mates to sort it out. Here's a small career tip: don't make exactly the same mistake too often!

Of course we do work hard and expect you have to a great attitude, but we also all have lives in the real world. We want this to be a place where you feel comfortable getting support from us when stuff happens - whatever that stuff is. Our experience is that flexible working can work as well for the employer as the employee; so it's always worth talking.

Anyway - I could carry on - but essentially if you're bright, know your stuff (or want to become an expert) then let us know and we'd love to talk to you.