Friday, 19 June 2009

Jobsite's Twitter App

Praise to the marketing team at Jobsite (with some technical support!) for their entry onto the Twitter platform - Why do i think its good?
  • Its clever
  • Its logical
  • It is not pretending to be something - its not. Its just fast neat realtime way of delivering jobs - like a souped up jobs by email
  • Its innovative
  • they appear to have got it done pretty quickly and will no doubt learn how to improve and enhance it in future

Clearly the job matching technology to the your Twitter profile is flawed and is not going to deliver perfect (indeed anywhere near perfect) jobs but its a start - and i think its a pretty darn good start!


Alex said...

it's a good step for sure - and you'd think with twitterjobsearch stated traffic of more than 44k clicks a day a bit of a no-brainer, but I think their execution is (as it stands) not very good.

I can't see from the twitter profile (the place you'd expect to show you exactly how to get the best from the facility) how it's intending to send me any kind of tailored job search. It's of course highly possible that I'm missing something - but even so that's not a good sign in itself.

Apparently "to change your search criteria simply Direct Message us the word 'edit'" - the issues being:
1. I can't DM you if you don't follow me - so will you?
2. where have I input my initial "search criteria" anyway?
3. am I supposed to guess at a format or is any format something they understand?

Then also - looking at the tweet stream - doesn't seem to be many/any jobs on there anyway?

Admittedly I'm playing a little candidate advocate here as I have a sneaking suspicion that if I do opt to follow @jobsitejobs the message I'll receive will probably (well certainly one would hope) make it all a lot clearer - but I implore those at Jobsite to get that info up on their twitter page or at least clearly link to a page on jobsite that explains all of this. At the moment this looks like a good idea poorly executed or simply rushed to market I'm afraid

> Stop
> Think candidate
> Design the interface with clear instruction to make it CHRYSTAL clear to the target audience
> then release (or in @jobsitejobs' case case get more user-centric approach pushed live ASAP before you ruin the potential first flush of interest).


domsumners said...

cheers for comments alex - and you have looked at it in more detail than i did so your thoughts are really interesting. My positivity comes from a place that we hear such bullshit spoken about Twitter on a daily basis - that this comes from a sensible place and i can see how it will work (with significant product improvements in time). They will be learning loads during this process too. I was with a client yesterday and inevitably started talling about Twitter and i said to them "the important thing to remember is - (where Twitter is concerned)- none of us really know how it will affect things and whether it will be a core part of your rec strategy in future - and anyone who does say they can make it work for right now is a big fat fibber." and that kind of summarises my June 2009 stance - a position that can change very very quickly.