Thursday, 1 October 2009

Dodgy Online Stats Part 72

Everyone in our industry has rightly been getting very excited about recent IAB/PwC market stats . The most exciting top line figure being Internet has overtaken TV as biggest single ad sector.
However less trumpeted but possibly more remarkable is the following
"Online classified advertising grew by 10.6% year on year to £385m" - this figure relates to H1 2009 (vs H1 2008)
I just don't believe that stat.
Lets assume online classifieds consist of listings (banners/MPUs etc are counted as display) for
Jobs, cars, homes, travel
Which of these sectors was up year on year in 2009?
Most media owner MDs i speak to say that they are down +20% year on year (and i think that is a decent performance - there is much worse out there)

I think we need some clarification from IAB/PwC as it would be a hell of a performance to out perform the UK economy in such a startling way

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Al said...

Hi Dom,

It's true that the figure seems a little strange. But if digital advertising revenues are growing, why not classified as well?

I don't suppose you have worked out the size of the market for online recruitment have you?

Would be really interesting to see whether this has gone up or down?

Normally rely on Tim for these sorts of figures!