Thursday, 17 June 2010

Marker Post to end of B2B Print Media

It did not warrant much comment and i only noticed it this morning but Personnel Today's print edition is no more -it was a rock solid big margin product for most of its 22 years existence and now its gone. Not much of a prediction but next 6-9 months will see it joined by a host of other B2B print products. Much sympathy if people have lost jobs but an inevitability.
I also see that Trinity Mirror's(national and regional newspaper publisher and owner of some "interesting" digital acquisitions) Sly Bailey has announced 25% reduction in journalist jobs, 41% plunge in profits. I would not wish to be personal but this is from a person who said decline in print classified revenue was cyclical and would return - still good to see that at the same time she has awarded herself a performance related pay rise of £676,000. Nice work if you can get it.


Matt Alder said...

Thanks for being one of the few people to express an opinion on this Dom. When I predicted (well at least speculated!) PTod would go online only at some point a few years back I got told I was scaremongering and it would never happen because of its readership. When it does happen hardly anyone even bothers to consider it news or comment things have changed!
The lesson here is today's unthinkable change is tomorrow's routine announcement. With this in mind I wonder what the next five years are going to bring to the industry!

domsumners said...

b2b print media will fall like dominoes now but the seismic industry sheke up is only just beginning - i dont see the ad agencies surviving in their current format at all - not necessarily smaller but very different

Al said...

Agree with you there Dom. It's online or digital all the way from here on.

Do you think newspapers will eventually cease to exist? I think they may well go, it might take 10 years, but surely they're are just not viable any more.