Tuesday, 14 February 2012

whisper it quietly

but we dont make any money from most of our social media work. Its a difficult one for us as we have two conflicting forces at work Force 1 - a drive for efficiency - we want to reduce cost per hire, we want to improve quality, we want to build/improve employer brand. All can be summarised as value for money - delivered with brilliant customer service. (a bit salesy i know but it's the truth) Force 2 - a passionate belief in social - a knowledge backed up by case studies that it can work - and an "expert" view that it will form the central tenet of most attraction and engagement work in the future. The problem as of 2011 and maybe Q1 2012 - social is not efficient as defined by Force 1. So it leads to us not charging enough for the time we put in to help build social programmes for clients. So are we being idiots as we should charge for our work? or are we being canny in that we know what the future looks like and we have build up a really good body of work (and learnt along with our clients and why should they pay for our education) which means the profit will come later. Answer - have not got a clue as usual


Al said...

I am generally pretty anti-social for the reasons you list above, mainly ROI is poor and like you, we are all about driving down cost per hire and being efficient with our clients' budget.

However we are doing some social work with companies who have tried job boards, Google, marketing to own database et al, have some good technology in place and have sorted out their process.

It kind of works for companies who hands on heart can say that they've tried everything.

Unfortunately, there are not many of these companies around.

Dom said...

Cheers for comment. I agree and also social is really important to do medium long term benefit and dare I say employer brand. I don't count facebook ppc as social in blog post as that really does work on cpa basis.