Tuesday, 7 January 2014

No Crystal Balls Available

But these are the blindingly obvious things which will 100% definitely happen and affect us all this year........probably

1. Recruitment economy - this is moving and has moved. There is more going on - recruiter competition will increase and we will all have to work harder to achieve the results we want. I am not ignoring the big issues the UK faces or the fact that this upturn does not help everyone.

2. Just doing the same thing will not be enough. You will have to do what you do now significantly better just to stand still. So competitive advantage will come from exploiting new channels, reaping the rewards from the work that has been (hopefully) done over last 2 years to establish channels (social/mobile/community-local-sector) all supported by great tech.

3. Bigger investment in retention programmes

4. Lots of launches/spin offs in all supplier sectors - with exception of classic job board model (that is a mature, expensive and not so rewarding area to go into as a new entrant)

5. And finally - its all about content. Your adverts, your site, your ATS, your LI/FB/Twitter, your emails, your everything. This is where truly the battle for visibility, engagement, influence and action is going to be won this year and also 2015, 2016, 2017....

We have invested significantly last year in having the right product sets, service offering for these new challenges so feel incredibly excited by 2014 but never want to lose the core OME thing of offering simple straight talking best advice and saving our clients' money. These elements can definitely work in tandem!

Buckle up - its going to be a bumpy (and fun ride)

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