Monday, 9 October 2017

what's 2017 been like so far?

In many ways - it's been the weirdest year of OME's existence - we have had such a flood of quite negative stories about the UK economy and potential slow down and yet....we have literally never had so many interesting, new, big demand campaigns to run and manage. so why is that the case?

The easy bit is that

1.We in the industry cannot afford to wistfully think about the longer term macro economics - we need to help fill roles, retain staff, improve the reputation of our companies right here, right now.

2. We aren't about to go into the next meeting of a large retailer and query their expansion to build 20 new stores next year. Well, certainly not until we have had a couple of beers later. Generally that business decision is in a room far, far away from their recruitment ad agency and indeed our client contacts.

The difficult bit can best be summarised

1. Where economics is concerned nobody really knows anything.

2. So, if Nobel Prize winning economists don't have a clue what's going to happen (and their predictions record is truly woeful historically) then how on earth are the rest of us supposed to know what GDP is going to do next year!

In summary - let's all keep doing what we do as brilliantly as we can - and when/if the ecomony goes off the Brexit cliff - lets worry about it then.