Thursday, 12 June 2008

Digital Recruitment Seminars - pain or pleasure...

I have spoken at and organised and attended a lot of seminars on topic of digital recruitment and to be honest i have never been wholly happy with the content of what was delivered, normally for following reasons
  • quality of speakers (apart from me that is!)
  • Case studies which are merely excuses for a company to tell us how great they are - and as you sit there you wonder "did it really happen like that?... probably not"
  • Content that tells me nothing new (that could be more my fault than the conference i know)
  • too long - i have realised that my concentration span is never going to get past its current status of about 42 seconds. So the longest i can physically spend in a hot dungeon of a conf room is 2 hours max

I dont mean to be too critical as they are bloody hard to get right.

Anyway - we have a chance to change all that or die trying as we are launching, alongside the Telegraph, a series of digital seminars for HR managers / Recruiters in September/October that will be concise, witty, info packed and beautifully formed. Will update with more info in next week or so.

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Jamie said...

Dude thats already been done. Have you not joined the revolution yet?