Friday, 11 July 2008

Succumbed to Twitter

So it comes to us all that you can only sit on the edge of the playground looking on for so long when actually you really want to join the game. I can close my ears to the evangelists like Paul and Matt for so long but when i see a fellow miserable heretic like Alastair joining in, then i know the time has come to Tweet away.

Come and join us - you know you want to...

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Al Cartwright said...

"miserable heretic" loving that! and a remarkably good description. I should read your blog more often.

Twitter reminds me of when I attended the local (happy clappy) church for 6 months in the vain hope that I could get my daughter into the local CofE school.

I didn't believe in the all the hype, but felt compelled to get involved for what I believed then to be the greater good.

ultimately it was a complete waste of time.