Friday, 5 September 2008

Big Up to Jobsite

Jobsite launched their £15m TV ad campaign yesterday in swanky Charlotte St Hotel - as my colleagues were sipping champagne and hearing the glossy presentation i was reading Chicken Licken and Hansel and Gretel to my own rather demanding audience. Its easy to carp about the effectiveness of a big TV ad campaign and whether £15 million as a budget was arrived at by multiplying everything by 2.5 and adding the first number you thought of at the end but its a great sign to the UK that online recruitment is a complete solution to people irrespective of age, class, colour or creed and i think helps us all when we are out their evangelising to the HR community. Need to mention the fact that Monster have been doing TV too but this step is really significant and may see others get their marketing cheque books out again.
As an aside - the ads star Max Beesly who speaking personally annoys me intensely - but women and people from the north (and probably everyone other than me) may disagree.


Al Cartwright said...

Hi Dom,

Got to disagree when you say:

"i think helps us all when we are out their evangelising to the HR community"

Just because a site has been advertised on TV doesn't mean HR is going to get a great response. Yes it will raise awareness, but the major criticism of job boards I hear time and again is that they deliver too many irrelevant applications. TV advertising isn't going to help that argument. And let's face it anyone who has been around the industry for a while will know that TV advertising hasn't done anyone any favours...

I am referring to:


domsumners said...

Thanks for the comment - but have to question your logic. A big advertising push extolling virtues of online recruitment gets people talking about online, thinking about online and maybe doing it online. The problems with the 4 companies (BTW - i had nearly wiped Topjobs from memory!) you mention go a bit deeper than a "failed" TV campaign - but lets not go there. Now if those companies who criticise job boards for too many irrelevant application used a company to properly plan their media, write great adverts, filter effectively and process response efficiently. Then they would have a much more productive experience. My conviction is through proper execution its all now out there for companies - they just need massive expert help on the execution - OME, Enhance.....

Alastair said...

Yes - having read various articles and comments about this, I agree that it can only be for the good of the industry.

I suppose my point is that if I was the Marketing Director of Jobsite and DMGT came to me and said "here's £15m go spend it", I wouldn't have blown it on ITV.