Monday, 5 August 2013

Instead of writing this proposal staring at me from my desk - I will talk about my random irritations in world of digital, recruitment and media

1. getting an email or tweet - upset that I have stopped following somebody on Twitter. The beauty of social media is that we are free to follow, connect, friend who we do or don't wish to. a "don't leave me" tweet is a tad needy I think (I am clearly largely talking about professional or acquaintance networks rather than our actual real life friends)

2. Everyone slagging off supposed "social media gurus" - what I see when attending events or talking to knowledgeable people is - in the main - people offering best advice (admittedly some of it is common sense). Very few in our circles offer untold riches by following their advice but they do offer a path to more progressive, innovative candidate attraction and engagement strategy. And the candidates/employees seem to like it too!

3. Still occasional "Invitations to Tender" passing our desks, Send a big proposal and get on a long list of 10-12 and more work and get on shortlist of 5, repeat and get on a shorter list of 2 and....hope you win. Just think of all that UNPAID work that goes into winning or (even more importantly) losing business. The world of recruitment marketing has generally moved on its about projects, a small list of trusted suppliers (refreshed of course over time)and is all the better for it.

4. Negativity - still loads of it out there. My opinion is the economy is getting better but if it isn't then there is sod all I can do about - so lets carry on doing the best job we can. and let the big stuff happen.

5. and finally my own power of predictions. I used to do a review/preview of the year when I started this blog and I would not have believed that in 2013 - we would still extolling virtues of great content/copy, PPC as an innovation, make it easy for someone to apply (user journey) - but I can assure you we all are talking about these things. Ultimately I think that these elements are constants not developments and we will always have to review and improve them.

So moans out of system - OME are doing great, British sport is best ever and the family is fine (did I get the order of priority right there)

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