Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Seismic Event in History

OME are moving out of the Business Design Centre in Islington, We have been here (in ever expanding units) since we launched 9 years ago and I feel rather emotional about it all. we are heading to a beautiful location with crazy stuff like access to natural light, roof terrace and bar downstairs but it wont be the same as our lovely gloomy Stalag.

So does location affect culture?
1. I hope it marks a step up as we continue to grow and prosper
2. Maybe it will make us more professional as we will be in such a cool space.
3. But I hope it does not take away the fun and informal atmosphere that I think our staff and clients like.
4. Anyway - I think its a good excuse to have a summer party, so hopefully the landlord wont ask us to leave the next morning!

1 comment:

Martinwoolley said...

re Point 4. I'm not making any promises, so keep it clean. Martin (The Landlord)