Wednesday, 20 May 2015

OME Hospital Club

Wow - its our 10th event tonight (if you want to find out more go here) - it started off as an idea Kork had one day 4 years ago and its now become a proper thing. As ever equally worried about too many people turning up for capacity and simultaneously fearful - it will be just us and the speakers and a lot of food and drink.

Why does it work?
1. It is completely not a sales event (obvs we have picked up clients - but that's because we are great)
2. It has a small bit of content - but it really is about networking
3. People can drift in and stop for a beer - or end up in Covent Garden at 2am (I have done both)
4. Its kind of semi regular - 3 events one year, 2 the next and I quite like it that way.

Anyway - look forward to meeting some good folk tonight

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