Thursday, 20 March 2008

10 Things I love about working in online recruitment advertising

Been working too hard recently so the following is an unstructured self pep talk - here goes
  1. There is no "how to guide" on doing things well. In their own small way many of the things we do will be the first time that they have been done in precisely that way. Yes you should have a level of competence ("expertise") but a lot of this stuff is still new. Hence...
  2. You are allowed to make mistakes. Not jaw dropping "how dumb are you?" mistakes but errors that may have been made in trying to do something quite exciting that with small amends and a lot of effort will still be brilliant
  3. The alternative of working in print or normal account management or even worse getting a proper job is deathly dull
  4. When i actually tell people about what we do at OME - i can sort of make my job sound actually rather cool (we all know the reality is not quite as cool but occasional artistic licence needs to be allowed)
  5. Rarely do clients shut their mind from what we talk to them about - they are generally keen and positive. Now as for getting them to action certain projects - well there is the trickier part
  6. The supplier /agency/ client relationships are largely collaborative and healthy. And there is a real sense of community against the Luddites. And by and large the people are alright too and having spent a couple of years in product advertising/marketing - believe there are plenty of arrogant idiots out there
  7. Online works - so its great being judged by tangible results - generally speaking its not airy fairy (see point 6) and it delivers
  8. Its wonderful working in a marketplace that is increasing every year - again having worked in sectors in decline - its not fun. You sit in meetings deciding who to cut - and you know there is another meeting ocurring where they decide whether you will be cut too.
  9. Seeing people making a lot of cash. Now this is tempered by feelings of huge jealousy, envy and injustice and it would be dwarfed by the feeling of "seeing me make a lot of cash" but its great to see people cashing in on their hard work and rewarded for their entrepreneurial skills - normally that is.....
  10. Most importantly i can look at Cricinfo, Betfair, Popbitch, mediaguardian and people imagine i am working. What on earth did office workers do before the internet?

so that made me feel better - tomorrow "the 10 things i hate about....."

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