Thursday, 20 March 2008

OME Search Launches

So we thought life was getting too boring and easy and have launched a new company - its not stunningly innovative (well not in our small world) but believe me it is to UK Plcs who have been incredibly positive about the product of search over last 12 months.

We will divert all our existing search work into this new organisation and touch wood the aim is for it to also introduce new clients into the mothership that is the original OME. It sounded like a good plan when we discussed it with Andy who is launching this for us - and amazingly it still sounded good the next day. Will keep everyone posted...

Press Release Below

OnlineMediaExperts launches a recruitment dedicated Search Engine Marketing agency

OnlineMediaExperts has launched a specialist search business that will complement their existing media planning and buying services. The new company, called OME Search, will focus exclusively on the largest growing sector of the UK advertising marketplace and ensure that its clients receive outstanding ROI in this area. OME Search will be managed by Andy Gray, previously Client Services Director of digital marketing agency Alchemy Worx, who has also had many years experience in recruitment advertising with Bernard Hodes and VNU.

Dominic Sumners, Managing Director of OME said;“We want to make sure we bring OME’s dedicated focus to this area as the value of search engine marketing is irrefutable. It’s brilliant that we have got someone of Andy’s reputation to develop this business for our clients.”

Andy Gray, Director of OME Search said;“I’m delighted to be joining OME at such an important and exciting time. This is a fantastic opportunity to combine my experience of digital marketing and recruitment with the support of such a well regarded and successful team.”

For further information, please call Dominic Sumners on 020 7288 6583 or email

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