Friday, 28 March 2008

Things that are not so good about working in online recruitment advertising

Ok - enough sunniness lets have some of my personal pet peeves about working in this beautiful industry
  1. In terms of media, it is still so painfully slow sometimes the sales cycle of getting clients online, piloting project, and reporting and tracking and then gaining more long term commitment - patience is a virtue i guess.....
  2. In terms of site build, social network programmes etc - there are so many things a client should/could do - that sometimes they do nothing. And yes i know that is our job to coax our clients along this path.
  3. An industry that still has a high % of bullshit artists, and bullshit products that catch out the unwary clients and damage their views on the whole lot of us.
  4. Its still the Wild West out there on pricing - absolutely all over the place. Hang on - i like that actually as it makes us look really good that we buy well and cut through the mess.
  5. Product ignorance - its just not good enough that some account managers do not undersrand the ins and outs of their own product - come on - this is a basic standard surely
  6. I feel bad when i let sales people down - who i know are under intense pressure from their superiors to close a deal - but generally it is not rate dependent and when the price comes crashing down, it serves no purpose other than to make us all feel a bit cheap. This is the nature of the beast and believe me we all have to do a similar sort of thing sometimes.
  7. and finally - people thinking i have an encyclopaedic knowledge about the complete internet and any knowledge about the workings of computers. When queried occasionally on these topics - its hopefully the only time i turn into No3 above.

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