Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Surely - it's time to call the private sector recruitment downturn over and has been over for quite some time. Everywhere i look there is activity or worst case talk of activity. Even our clients that are having their share prices whacked are still active in sourcing the best people to work in their businesses. And then we have organisations (including some of above)who want to really kick on and do very cool stuff indeed or worst case very necessary remedial work on their recruitment processes/attraction strategy.

From a personal perspective - OME's Reasons to be Cheerful include
- new staff Jamie Bailey and Sarah Casey - come on down!
- new clients - welcome aboard! LIDL, TGI Friday's, London Business School, NPL (part of Serco), Northgate Arinso and Go Ahead.
- new products - launching under JV a business called R4O - which is a natural product extension to what we do - more detail to follow.

So i officially hereby declare (with apologies to my friends in public sector)- this period of caution and nervousness over.

NB Expect the normal pessimistic, bordering on miserable author of this blog to return next week.

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Jamie Bailey said...

On-board and on-form! Yep I'm with you - downturn is all but over in private sector - and more talk like that will
serve us all better...we just might even see some growth across recruitment if others follow your optimistic stance!