Thursday, 2 June 2011

I agree with Nick.....

What is going on out there! Up until recently - i could go onto various blogs and forums on any day and find something i could completely disagree with - i could think the author was clearly a fool and a charlatan and consequently tell them just that in a funny (well to me anyway) and incisive way. There was so much abject nonsense out there, that it was like shooting fish in barrel. I am also well aware that there would have been some (clearly "fools and charlatans") that thought OME were 100% wrong on many issues too.

Now i keep finding well thought out balanced views supported by evidence or logic, and predictions with suitable ifs and buts rather than this is DEFINITELY going to happen.

- Is this a sign that this industry is growing up? established digital channels, adoption of the new in a controlled and measured way, progressive clients and suppliers on the same page. No established habits but a light and healthy cynicism of the new entrants to market, that means financial investment will come later.

- Have we become too consensual and staid, maybe a new establishment is forming ( i could get all Animal Farm on you here)

The one thing i know is that disagreeing and arguing was much, much more fun. Debating the value of spending £50K on Second Life, winning awards for YouTube Videos that no user ever saw, Big campaigns that had no decent response mechanism and not a thought for the user experience, and for my own part i remember saying that Twitter would never catch on.

Aaaaah, those were the days......

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Al said...

There are some lunatics out there, who have gone the other way and now think that Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are the solution to all our problems. Rather than being part of the mix.

The evangelical social media brigade do have the ability to wind me up. But yes generally I agree with you - how boring is that?!

I still owe Matt Alder £10 for betting that Facebook would quietly disappear a la friendsreunited about 4 years ago.